Private Sessions

Personal Coaching

The Intuitive sessions are held in English or Italian.


In these transformative sessions you will be offered a space in which to be empowered and to trust yourself to make changes in your relationships, health, family and career. 

You will become aware of the life lessons and patterns in your life and will be guided to change your underlying subconscious beliefs and programs which are no longer serving you- and learn to live new life models in which awareness becomes the foundation for your self-healing and self-growth.

Beatrice shows you how to flow with the laws of the universe and take charge of your life situation by consciously creating your world. She is sensitive yet grounded in assisting you as you face challenges or transitions. 

She will help you find your sense of peace and fulfilment through a journey of deep self-discovery. You will be pointed toward the path and handed the tools each step of the way, feeling fully supported along your unique sacred journey.


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In the Intuitive Energy healings Beatrice will tune into your energy and hold a sacred space for you as she performs a healing through Divine Guidance.

Blocked energy creates imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Through her high sense perception Beatrice will identify any imbalances in the flow of energy. 

As part of the healing process, together you will take a look at the energy blocks and defence systems that have been formed. These stem from the suppressed pain and emotions which have accumulated throughout our lives due to living according to negative beliefs.

By working with Healing Light through the chakras and around the aura we unclog the systems and transform the energy as blockages are slowly undone and moved out. The body soon returns to its natural alignment, helping you to feel lighter and re-energized.



Our life is for our highest growth.