Expat Programs

Expat Programs



As an expat herself, Beatrice understands what other expats experience and feel when moving abroad. Thanks to her life, study and work experiences she goes beyond standard strategies and methods to offer profound life changing moments. She knows that the right mindset through feeling emotions and breaking the patterns created by our limiting beliefs is the key toward positive change and lasting transformation in all areas of our lives.


Benefits of Coaching


Enhance efficacy at individual/group level


Feel eager and in charge of your life experience


Improve performance and reach long-lasting results


Increase self-esteem and self-confidence


Manifest your desires in any area of your life


Gain clarity on your identity and purpose

Life Coaching is a process that supports you in creating the positive changes you want in all areas of your life: health, relationships, work, family, social life, spirituality, purpose.

As your coach, Beatrice will help you get unstuck, leverage on your talents, on your strengths and your potential- and move your plans forward to successful manifestation.

You may be experiencing a number of the following:


Family issues

 Being a trailing spouse

Getting organized

Settling into a new city

 Integrating into a new culture

Love/relationship concerns

 Heart-break or grief

Career/financial concerns

Children’s academic performance

 Making new friends

Feeling strong negative emotions

Feeling a lack of self- esteem and confidence

Loss of identity and purpose

Specifically you may wish to:

Establish a social life

Achieve a more balanced life

Adjust into your new environment

Change your mindset

Manifest love /career desires

Overcome heart-ache

Transition to a new career

Lower your stress levels

Increase energy levels

Increase your self-esteem

Improve your communication

Improve your networking skills

Find your life purpose

Grow through increased self-awareness.


We will explore your needs, values and beliefs, build on what’s already working, explore new options and take continuous expired action.

You will finally feel eager, inspired and in charge of your life situation.

These sessions support individual goals:

By supporting you in getting clear and detailed on your goals and gain awareness into how your needs, beliefs and values drive your behaviours at work.

These sessions support company goals:

By helping you gain clarity on what your organisation defines as success and on how you are perceived in the light of that definition.

The Executive & Diplomat Coaching sessions are for managers, executives, entrepreneurs and diplomats.

The most common areas of focus are:

Leadership stylesSelf-authorshipCreating an atmosphere of trust- Prioritizing- Delegating- Empowering- Effective communication- Personal presence-  NLP competencies- Personal Presence-Emotional and Social intelligence- Diplomatic protocol- Cultural intelligence and adaptability

The sessions are designed to improve overall academic performance and reach specific academic goals. They are for students who wish to evolve as individuals and as part of a global community, to excel academically and to become game-changers in the fast-changing professional world.

The sessions enable students to consolidate objectives, overcome limiting beliefs, extract talent and powerful inner resources, access intrinsic motivation, activate and maintain momentum, reach receptive mental and emotional states for learning, attain increased concentration and focus.

 How is this approach effective:

  • Through the balance and alignment of needs, values and core beliefs, students maximize their potential – and when potential is maximized, there is an automatic increase in productivity – better time management, better team effectiveness and better work/study performance.
  • Through maximization of potential, the result is an increase in self-confidence. Students feel more empowered: relationships are improved, communication skills are improved, and ultimately life/work (or study) balance is improved.
  • Through this supportive relationship students become more aware of themselves and others and are encouraged to self-direct their learning experience through goal setting, self-assessments and self-monitoring. This results in students who are less stressed, more responsible, more autonomous, more competent. Ultimately students who are in charge of their life experience.

 Beatrice puts her wide array of philosophies, tools, methods, processes and techniques in service of her clients and through her partnership encourages them in reaching their most desired dreams and goals.



These individual programs are designed for immediate application to one’s personal and professional situation. 

You may start these trainings anytime.

Our life is for our highest growth.