The BC Meditation Program

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If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is- infinite.

William Blake


This meditation program is unique. It is a pattern. It is a model which you are free to adopt as you like. It is not a follow-the-leader program, rather it is an invitation for you to create your own personal practice. 

Beatrice holds the belief that there are an infinite number of pathways and she merely hands out a map. Each of you will travel along the map by creating your own unique pathways. We all have our own path to travel and our own reasons for the journey, but we all encounter milestones that look familiar. 

As a teacher, Beatrice’s responsibility is to share who is she and what she has. As a learner, your responsibility is to choose your teachers and select what you need and what resonates from what they say. 

The program Beatrice has developed includes an abundance of information and exercises which are intended to encourage you to awaken to your own mastery- and she sees herself as that spark that can activate you into owning and proclaiming it.

Beatrice compares the meditative journey to the growth cycle of a plant. From the farmer’s first step of overturning the soil and levelling the field, we as growers eradicate our limiting beliefs, programs and habits and create space for the new. Step two on the field involves planting seeds and germinating, which is about our developing new points of view and welcoming in the Light as we ground ourselves. At this point the plant grows and blooms- in the same way we activate our energy and remove any stuck pain as new beautiful changes in our lives come about. Finally, flowering and ripening takes place where new opportunities and possibilities surround us and we experience a total energy shift bringing about new enthusiasm and fulfilment. Each part of the meditation program reflects these stages assisting you in being more and more aware of your progress as you move forward along your path.

The Four Stages of the Program

Overturn & Level
In Stage 1 we are guided to look at our present state and reflect on what we would like to change in terms of our needs, drives, beliefs, boundaries, integrity and self-worth. We become aware of potentials, virtues and values within ourselves and get prepared to delve into the meditation practice with clear intention and pure focus.

The meditations at this first stage are intended to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. When we achieve the proper flow of energy, we have taken a major evolutionary step: we gain a perspective on our experience that is expanded beyond normal awareness.
Plant & Germinate
In Stage 2 we familiarize with what meditation is and how to reach the meditative state through a variety of powerful methods and tools. At this stage we are ready to create a personal daily practice.

We begin to experience presence and mindfulness through symbols, postures and light. This is the stage in which we explore the chakras and learn how to align them through different modalities.
Grow & Bloom
In Stage 3 we are guided to activate our energy as well as remove layers of stuck pain from our energy body. We will explore our personal magnetism by practicing self-hypnosis, powerful breathing techniques, and will use the mirror to increase concentration and intent.

This is the stage in which we access the knowledge and experience the laws of the universe and how intention and emotion play a pivotal role in attracting what we desire for ourselves. Specific mental and emotional states are key to flowing with the universal laws. We will learn procedures to access those states at will.
Flower & Mature
Stage 4 is the final stage of the map. We explore self-healing through the aura layers- learning how to align them, clear them and interpret their contents. This is the stage where we become aware of our psychic abilities and learn how to direct and enhance them.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and telepathy all contribute to a heightened life experience opening us up to Guidance toward new possibilities and abundant opportunities.

Experience the Sound of Silence



Get clear on what you would like to create for yourself so that you will manifest it

Become aware of your Higher Self

Create a life of new meaning and purpose

Master the law of attraction

Effortlessly prune what is no longer serving you and create space for the new

Create a new empowering mindset on health, relationships, career and money

Bring your life and career to a brand new level of success and joy

Deal with external situations with neutrality, grace and ease

Give yourself healings at all levels of your being

Emanate your Light and people around you will notice your new glow

Magnetically draw in new opportunities for yourself in all life areas

Create your personal practice with methods and techniques that are just right for you

In the inner stillness where meditation leads, the Spirit secretly anoints the soul and heals our deepest wounds.

St. John of the Cross