About Beatrice

“My mission is to ignite sparks of higher consciousness”.



Beatrice Carafa is an intuitive coach, meditation teacher and energy healer. Through her intuition and deep commitment she helps her clients access and integrate the spiritual dimension into their lives. 

Italian by descent and Canadian by birth, Beatrice grew up in the US, spent several years living in the UK and currently lives in Rome, Italy.

She started meditating naturally at a very young age- she remembers that for several years she experienced particular psychic phenomena, believing they were just her imagination. It was then that she must have shut down her intuitive abilities discounting their reality.

In 2009 Beatrice had her first mystical experiences which opened her up to a whole new life path. She closed down the language school she had established as a teacher and started to explore the avenues of coaching and spirituality. Since then she has been coaching clients globally in international organizations, prisons, schools and institutes and founded Expat Coaching Academy and Rome Meditation Circles.

Helping people expand their lives to new levels is her purpose- throughout the years she has been integrating into her practice her extensive training in Cognitive, Humanistic and Quantum Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, The Enneagram, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mesmerism, MBSR, Theta healing, Thought Field Therapy, Transcendental meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Core Light healing and Clairvoyant healing.

Today Beatrice enhances and directs her natural intuition toward teaching meditation programs and expat training solutions, and offering intuitive coaching sessions and energy healings.

Beatrice offers her services worldwide in English and Italian.


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