2004 toyota rav4 reviews

IN previous years had leak problems with oil and had to replace other gaskets", "To fixed the leak with the transmission and transfer case need to be removed at a cost to repair of $3500.00. 2004 Toyota RAV4 - Hope my RAV4 never dies I have owned my 2004 Toyota RAV4 for 11 years and dread the day when it will have to be replaced. "Transmission broke down. Most of the cost is labor, around 30 hours to remove and install.". Was told it was bad brake pad that caused uneven tire wear. The rav4 is compact but roomy. MEchanic cannot fix it. This car is great to learn how to drive in. This is very cheap, compared to the cost of new struts (which I thought the problem was). "Axle shaft assembly - removed and replaced", "Failed with the failure of the ABS module", "On dry, curvy roads, the traction control will often kick in. The vehicle is spacious and the trunk is large. This score from the EPA ranges from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Have not had any major issues with it, and it drives great! ", "keeps coming on and does not want to reset", "Check engine light comes on occasionally with no smog problems, etc". ", "A few of the dashboard control lights have gone out and, the volume control knob for the radio is not working properlyl", "The front reading light switch cover broke about 2 years after purchase. The mechanic that actually did the repair said the first mechanic stripped the head bolts while he was working on it. Drives good, gets good gas mileage. The most reliable car I've ever owned. ", "Rattling noise in front end was diagnosed as worn out struts, so I had them replaced", "constant squealing noise, especially when braking, reversing, and turning corners. It drives smooth and is not too expensive to fill. It is mechanically sound. Needles also accumulate enough to clog rain channels on both sides of the hood opening, the top of the rear tailgate, and the air intake grilles under the windshield wipers (which means that needles are also accumulating in the heating/air conditioning ductwork ahead of the cabin air filter). ", "Just regular brake maintance , replaced rotors and brake pads. ", "ABS controller became defective and needed replacement affecting ABS, traction control, and stability control, but the brakes still worked", "just defective, kept hanging up and not releasing", "I had my repair shop check the brakes because they were making a lot of noise. But I still have wind noise", "Dealer installed sun roof won't seal right". That still did not fix the problem. The leg room is perfect for long term rides. Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2017 My 2004 RAV4 was a 4 wheel drive model and was hands down, the best vehicle I ever owned. ", "Fuel filler charcoal filter causes the VSC Trac and Engine check light stay on. Interior. Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, clutch replacement. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course. Although narrow and a bit cramped, the RAV4 features a flexible interior, with rear seats that can be folded, tumbled forward, or removed in sections. Trunk is big, and the back seat is super spacious. "The cable between the shifter and the transmission broke at the transmission end due to rust", "Feels like car is not shifting to the next gear or slipping when driving. Save up to $9,843 on one of 9,942 used 2004 Toyota RAV4s near you. ", "replaced pads and turned rotors on all four wheels", "I just needed to replace the front brakes, rear brakes will be this summer", "Normal replacement of pads, rebuild one caliper and service rotors", "Normal break wear. An expert evaluation of the interior quality and craftsmanship. The car can be noisy when the cargo is empty. ", "Had to replace gasket on transmission pan. I still have my '98 at 217,000 miles and hope the '04 will be as reliable and worthy an investment. Have driven over 270,000 with no major problems. Rust on the wheels, muffler and brakes caused damage requiring repairs", "I was needed a windshield replacement. It's very distracting to hear the warning tone and to feel the car shimmy a bit as it tries to compensate for something it thinks is of imminent danger, even though I'm going slowly and there is no danger. Pretty much have just done regular maintenance, tires.brakes, oil...etc. can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. Car vibrated and was informed it was due to bad engine mounts. ", "Uses 1quart of oil every 500-1000 miles. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2004-2005 Toyota RAV4 vehicles manufactured May 13, 2003, to October 25, 2005. Perfect size, seat height and can fit in the same size parking spot as a sedan. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. Fortunately, we had a second vehicle in our family to use while this vehicle was being repaired. 2004 Toyota RAV4 Reviews and Ratings Utility 4D 4WD . Antilock system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration, squeaking, brake failure or wear. ", "Not really a problem just routine maintenance that dealer had recommended. My car is very reliable. I blame the horrible roads in my area. The driver's side seal kept coming apart, until I had it repaired by a private mechanic. It is easy to maintain. ", "Car wouldn't run. One fender never stayed attached correctly and paint is peeling after the front fender was repaired.

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